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New Text Alert System - Self Signup now available!
Update 1/20/22
The newest information is available on the School Alerts page of our website.
Instructions are available to walk you through subscribing to text alert lists including the MS and HS Sports notification lists. Parents should already be receiving district and building alerts if they have opted-in to allow text alerts to their cell phones and providing their phone numbers are up to date in the student data system.
Click below for more information and detailed instructions for self signup.

Update 1/3/22
Here is a flyer with instructions to opt-in to the new School Messenger Alert System


Parents, staff, students, and Community Members, The district is moving to a purchased, more reliable text alert system January 7th. We hope it will be in place by the 5th. This system will pull parent cell phone and e-mail data from our system. Thus parents should automatically receive active accounts and be notified of this in early January. Others will need to register through a link. We anticipate a link will become available and be shared in early Dec. as well. We wish everyone safe and memorable Christmas holiday season! 

There should be an opt-in text sent out to all automatically registered recipients once the system is activated. You will need to follow the instructions in the message to opt-in in order to receive alerts. Additionally there will be instructions posted to proactively opt-in to the SMS text alert system as soon as they are available. All recipients must opt-in to receive SMS text alerts.