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Plexiglass for Sale!


Plexiglass vinyl plastic framed Panels FOR SALE.  Hundreds to choose from!

Plexiglass panels vary in shapes and sizes.  Sizes are mostly 16" high to maybe 30" and 24" to 60" long.

Weather resistant.

We have about 15 of the larger 24" x 30" with the PVC poles.

We need the storage space!

Asking $2.00 each.

First come, first served.


Bring a marker and mark your name, date, and time if you come on Monday and set yours aside.


Panels will be available Monday 9/11/23-Tuesday 9/10/23 in the parking lot behind NW ES.

Please pick-up Tuesday after paying.

Payment can be made Tuesday 9/10/23 from 8AM-3PM in the ES Office.


Pictures of some are here for your review.

Area under recorded video surveillance.