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Northwestern Permanent Improvement Levy Information







Northwestern School District is asking voters to consider the renewal of our 4 mil

PI (Permanent Improvement Levy) this November, 2023.





  • This PI renewal is for the same 4 mils and is NOT an increase.


  • The district took action in July, 2023 to end collection of our existing .5 mil Maintenance Levy this Dec., 2023.  This will result in lowering school tax millage for our Taxpayers overall.


  • It has been decided to Renew the existing PI Levy as a Continuing Levy so the district does not incur the cost and time invested in renewing this levy every 5 years (it is currently a 5-year Levy).  The district is currently required to pay the Board of Elections every 5 years to place this renewal on the ballot.  This continuing Levy would eliminate this cost.


  • Our current PI Levy was last passed in 2019.


  • Our current PI Levy expires in Dec., 2024.


  • Age of Our Buildings:

              HS        28 years old with 20 year-old addition (built in 1995)

              MS       66 years old with 20 year-old addition (built in 1957)

              ES        20 years old (built in 2003)


  • Our Northwestern Local School District has ongoing maintenance and repair needs for our buildings.   These PI funds are utilized to maintain our buildings, including our HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems, Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating, Maintaining School Grounds, Purchasing School Buses, and Purchasing Curriculum as it becomes outdated, among other long-term needs.


  • PI (Permanent Improvement) Funds can ONLY be used for tangible items with a life expectancy of 5+ years.


History of our Permanent Improvement Levy

  • 1974 initial 2.0 mil PI levy
  • 1989 PI Levy increased to 2.8 mils

      (increased after 15 years of initial levy amount)

  • 2019 PI Levy increased to 4.0 mils

      (increased after 30 years of 1989 amount)


          Tax Impact Information:

Taxpayers can access the levy impact by accessing the Wayne County Auditor’s Website. Go to “tax” tab, then “levy” tab. Information on your current cost for all levies.  


  • Most prices have more than quadrupled over the past 50 years.
  • Permanent Improvement costs and needs do not decrease over time.
  • Northwestern is asking Voters to consider renewing only the current 4 mils.



       “We prepare our students today for tomorrow’s opportunities!”