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Parent Communication - Updated Monday 3/30/2020

 March 30,2020 (4:30 PM)


Dear Northwestern parents and community members:

The announcement has come this afternoon that our schools are to remain physically closed through May, 1.  I suspect that it will be extended beyond that point if the increasing case predictions hold true, but only God knows. 

In the mean-time, we will continue providing the best supports we are able in this trying situation and with our teachers providing the best opportunities possible electronically. 

=         The district will continue our hard copy efforts in regard to picking-up student work and drop-off.

=         We will also continue with our Monday and Thursday office hours (with restricted visitations by appointment only).

=         The district will also continue with our Monday weekly Breakfast & Lunch 11-noon and 5-6PM distributions on April 13th, 20th, and 27th.

Parents, please remain vigilant in communicating through Progress Book, Final Forms, group messages, and individual teacher correspondence as we move forward.  We will continue utilizing these communications as well as text and e-mail alerts and information will be shared on our facebook page and website.  Also, I encourage you to share any needs, suggestions, and concerns as we move forward through four additional weeks of this school closure.

We will be sharing decisions regarding various activities, timelines, student communications, and early planning for next school year in April.

I thank our teachers, staff, and administrators for the continued herculean efforts for our children.  I thank our parents for your efforts and understanding, and I wish you and your families blessings and safety through these trying times.


Jeffrey N. Layton, Ed.D.


Northwestern Local Schools

Office: 419-846-3151

Mobile: 330-317-5175


March 22, 2020  (11:45PM)

Dear Parents, Students, and Northwestern Community,

I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your efforts with our kids, our schools, and our community.  We are all doing our very best in these challenging times in a very difficult situation.  The collaboration and community spirit is strong and admirable!

A few items I wanted to update you on:

  1. The governor’s most recent Sunday afternoon where he shared his order to stay at home and closing all but essential businesses effective Monday night has no impact on our current Northwestern schedule of operations.

=         Food prep, transport, and distribution will continue on Mondays and Thursdays – the sites will remain as stated below.

=         Building office hours remain Mondays & Thursdays 8:00AM-2:00PM.  Our secretaries and administrators will get back to you and meet your needs outside of these hours if needed. 

  1. The pantry food distribution will be from 11:00AM - NOON (Lea Crest, Mohican, West Salem Schoolhouse) & 5:00PM-6:00PM (Mohican, West Salem Schoolhouse).  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for (3) days on Mondays and for (4) days on Thursdays.  Thursdays are the days for the grocery bags.  We had decided to reduce the 2-hour times we had last week because so few were coming to get lunches outside of these times and to be as efficient as possible.
  1. While those parents needing to pick-up and drop-off hard copies (school work or other information) the best method is the buildings during their office times. However, we created an after-hours option as well – a PreK-12 district pick-up and drop-off area. This will be available 24-7 beginning Monday afternoon.  The location is the front gym entrance of the middle school.  It will be marked at the front of the building.  Video surveillance and locked bins are in use.
  2. Because some have had problems successfully navigating the google e-mails through our website we are a more straightforward & comprehensive teacher directory.  This will be added to our district website Monday, March 23.

Please feel free to contact me during this time with any questions, concerns, suggestions you may have.  If I am not in my office or in meetings my cell phone has always been well publicized and shared.  Please stop in or call me, text me, or e-mail me. 

If you have any difficulty connecting with a staff member at all, please contact the building office.  Please also contact me if I can help.

Our staff, teacher, and administrators continue working hard to provide online education and support to the best of our ability.  We will continue searching for better methods and new resources to share.  We will also continue providing food for our students and community.  I will continue sharing information as things continue to evolve and situations change. 

Bless our children, you, your family, friends, and our Northwestern community. 

Jeffrey N. Layton, Ed.D


Northwestern Local Schools

Office: 419-846-3151

Mobile: 330-317-5175