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Northwestern COVID start-up and and Face-Mask Policies - Updated 08/18/20
Attachments updated 09/15/20
COVID Restart, Northwestern Remote Learning Policy and Face-Mask Policy attachments found below updated on 08/31/20
Dear Northwestern community,


Everyone, please understand that this is a work in progress.  The creation of this has been a collaborative effort and we are currently making additional revisions this weekend.  Anyone having suggestions and questions please direct these to [email protected] or call 330-317-5175.  There is no need to wait until the Board of Education meeting to share great ideas and constructive criticism.  We will consider these as they are shared. 


Also understand that this is being considered a live document that can be revised and updated by the superintendent as the need arises.  We are sure to discover better ways of doing things with insight from others, with new information, and as experience will educate us.


Thank you for entrusting Northwestern Schools for the education and safety of your children.


Jeffrey N. Layton, Ed.D.


Northwestern Local Schools

Attachments Available To Download:
COVID Restart Plan - Updated 8/18/20
Northwestern Face Mask Policy 8/16/20
Northwestern Online Learning Policy_ Contract2.pdf