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STEM @ Northwestern

Friends and Collaborators,

I want to share the great news that Northwestern HS began a 4-year Clean Energy Program starting in the 2015-1016 school year. A $16,500 Ohio Dept. of Education Grant has allowed us to pursue these courses. We began the initial course with great interest, as we had 45 students, allowing 2 sections this 15-16 SY and will add an additional course each of the ensuing years until we have the full 4-year high school program in place. 72 students are enrolled in four classes for the 2016-2017SY. We are partnering with OSU/ATI and Stark State College for College Credit Plus and Articulation agreements and certification endorsements as well. The grant covered $10,000 of the $40,000 plus equipment cost, in addition to the first two years of program teacher training est. at $6,500 initial teacher and administrator professional development cost. We are also moving forward with a more advanced-engaging-challenging 4-year technology national "Project Lead-the-Way" 4-year Advanced Technology Program beginning in 2016-2017 as well.

We will be pursuing a grants to ch2m, Chevron, Subaru of America, Ohio Dept. of Education Straight A Fund as well as others for additional equipment and facilities supporting our STEM initiatives as we amp-up and prepare to implement our additional programs and further strengthen existing programs! We will also be pursuing additional funding sources and collaborations as we forge ahead (I continue to pursue legislation for a state 50-50 construction match for additional High School Lab spaces for our STEM Programs).

The "Innovation Station" Middle School STEM Lab dedication was a huge success, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation featured Northwestern as a school of rigor and innovation in their 2015 newsletter, after visiting our Northwestern K-12 STEM programs. United States Congressman Jim Renacci, Representative Ron Amstutz, Senator Frank LaRose, Wayne County Commissioner Scott Wiggam have all toured our programs as well over the past year. We have been for some time discussing potential sponsorship of a bill to expand the current Ohio Revised Code language requiring Ohio School Facilities Commission to match construction only for STEM facilities for the few “Regional STEM schools” to also include “STEM Designated Schools” of which is only 25 schools across the state (Northwestern MS and Northwestern HS are STEM Designated Schools).

I have also been working within the Wayne County Economic Development WIN Committee and Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce to promote regional school-business-post-secondary collaboration, promote economic development and business growth, and align quality people to quality jobs. Rod Crider, Justin Starlin, Wayne Girbach, their incredible staffs, and the WIN Committee Members have put together our county-wide recent Oct. "Manufacturing Day", May 2016 Medical professionals Day, and plan greater business-school-college collaboration in our region. The positive results in Wayne have been astounding!

Northwestern has also been promoting the Ohio Means Jobs 50-50 salary High School Internship Program and recently announced Student Mentorship Program. The district has also invested over $72,000 this year as we made a significant forward leap expanding our elementary STEM K-5 curriculum with Project Lead-the-Way STEM programs and Elementary STEm Lab! This has made Northwestern a K-16 STEM School! We also were invited to join the exclusive 15-district "Ohio Innovation Lab Network" following a lengthy two-month interview and visitation/study of our ES, MS, and HS buildings, programs, and classrooms! This organization is focused on innovation, changing existing structures, project-based learning, rigor, varied student assessments, technology utilization, and lifelong learning.

We have continued providing ongoing (PBL) Project-Based Learning professional development of our faculty over the past two years and will continue through next year our efforts in blended learning, PBL, and Differentiated Learning. We are exploring blended learning models and breaking down the walls of traditional classroom instruction, thus reinventing quality education. Learning Design Collaborative, Math Design Collaborative, and Max Teaching, and blended learning are important foci of this initiative. Our efforts to integrate technology, increase student access to digital resources, create a 1-to-1 student to Chrome Book/Laptop ratio is bearing fruit! We will have a 1-to-1 student to device ratio in grades 5-12 to begin the 2016-2017 school year! It is an investment in our students and it is an investment in people and an investment in our future. Not only is Clean/Renewable Energy an emerging career pathway, but Agricultural Science in may fields, Biomedical, Robotics, Computer Programming, Engineering, and other paths lie ahead for our Northwestern students. We prepare our students today for tomorrow's opportunities, regardless of their direction and interests.

Exciting times here and ahead for our students, community, and our Northwestern family! We are committed to being a beacon for others as we progressively move forward with our engaging, rigorous Project-Base 21st Century Learning! Thank you for your ongoing efforts, support, and continued collaboration!

Northwestern has attracted more than 224 students from 13 area school districts each of the past two years. 11 years ago we attracted only 54 open enrolled students. These students and their parents join our resident students to be a part of our innovative, 21st Century, real-world education focusing on instructional rigor, relevancy, and relationships. Northwestern is a model rural school for the state and nation with a decisive business plan that goes well-beyond excellent programs and opportunities for students to also be the model for reducing costs and self-sufficiency.

- Construct a new greenhouse for Agri-Science
- Construct a sizable Solar Array, Wind Turbine, Biofuels area, and Geothermal system for the greenhouse - utilizing this space as a Clean-Renewable Energy Lab at Northwestern to and provide additional learning opportunities for students, reduce school operation costs, and reduce costs to taxpayers.
- expand the breadth and experiences of our Agri-Science students
- Complete our energy efficiency program (now 80% complete) to reduce our energy consumption. Energy saved is energy learned. This means completing our partially completed LED light retrofit, updating our HVAC systems, and increasing building insulation.
- Complete our HVAC Upgrades and Recommissioning.
- Human Capital. Continue to invest in people through lifelong learning and opportunities. Excellent school-age education, experiential learning, and adult education programs 24/7. We want our graduates and members of our community to experience their lifelong dreams.
- Construct a STEM lab addition to Northwestern High School.Increase collaboration, business internships, and engaging career paths for our students and adults to be productive and innovative for the good of our society.

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