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Pre-Apprenticeship Spotlight
Sarah Fraser, a former Northwestern High School engineering student, was the first Northwestern student to complete the Pre-Apprenticeship Program with Schaeffler USA during her senior year of high school. Sarah had begun her high school career by taking courses in the Engineering Pathway. Then, at the end of her junior year of high school, she applied for an Engineering Internship at Schaeffler USA and was awarded the position. While working as an Engineering Intern, Sarah was approached by management at Schaeffler USA and was asked if she would be interested in participating in the Pre-Apprenticeship Program. Sarah accepted the offer and completed the Pre-Apprenticeship Program with Schaeffler USA.

Sarah is a 2018 graduate of Northwestern High School and is currently enrolled as a Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major at the University of Akron while still continuing her work as an Apprentice in the Apprenticeship Program at Schaeffler USA. Her continued hard work, along with the opportunity that Schaeffler has provided, will offer Sarah many great learning experience and opportunities. By participating in the Apprenticeship Program, Sarah will be able to finish her degree debt free, as Schaeffler USA will be coving the cost of her tuition. Not only will Sarah receive full tuition, but she will also be earning a paycheck for her daily work through the Apprenticeship Program. Also, her experiences, training, and educational degree will provide her an opportunity to be gainfully employed upon graduation from the University of Akron.

Sarah has taken advantage of her opportunities to the fullest, and she will have a very bright career ahead of her.