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Carly Black - English

Carly Black - English
Family:  Tim, Ellis(4), Lyndie (3)
Pets:  cats, Storm and Shadow
High School graduated from:  Huron
College Graduated from:  Ohio University
Hobbies:  decorating my classroom, sewing, reading, writing my blog TeachMomRepeat.com
Recently Read Books:  Just Mercy by Brian Stevenson
Favorite movie:  Goonies
Favoarite Restaurant:  Broken Rock
Favorite Sports Team:  College: Notre Dame  Professional:  Pittsburgh Steelers
The best thing about Northwestern is...the family-like atmosphere.
Who inspired me to choose this career path:  Over the year I've had a number of amazing classroom teachers, but the greatest teacher in my life has always been my mother.
Few people know that I...taught for a quarter at a international school in Cairo, Egypt.
My greatest hero is...every working parent!  To do both jobs well takes an exorbitant amount of energy to which I have the utmost respect for all who make it through their day.
My favorite Quote/Phrase/Scripture...for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm your, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 
My greatest accomplishment is...traveling the world to 11 countries in 11 months on The World Race mission trip. 

Amy Forbes - Paraprofessional

Amy Forbes - Paraprofessional
Family:  Parents: Bryan and Sue, siblings:  Josh, Bekah, and Bethany
High School Graduated from:  Northwestern
College Graduated from:  Grace College
Hobbies:  reading, solving logic puzzles, camping, and playing musical instruments
Recently Read Books:  As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the making of the Princess Bride 
Favorite Movie:  The Sound of Music
Favorite Restaurant:  Bob Evans
Favorite Sports Team:  College:  The Ohio State University  Professional:  Cleveland Indians
The best thing about Northwestern is... the community comes together to support each other through tough times.
Who inspired me to choose this career path:  many of my former teachers at Northwestern
Few people know that:  I've visited more than 10 countries outside the U.S.
My greatest phobia:  the fear of falling and the fear of birds
My greatest accomplishment is:  graduating from college 
Words of Wisdom:  Never be afraid to ask questions; questioning can help you learn! 

Lee Kimmich - Industrial Technology

Lee Kimmich - Industrial Technology
Family: Jessi, Kyle, Addi, Annabelle, JJ
Pets:  CAT
High School Graduated from:  Northwestern HS
College Graduated from:  University of Akron
Hobbies:  Hunting, fishing and outdoors
Recently Read Books:  The Boy Crisis
Favorite Movie:  Tommy Boy
Favorite Restaurant:  Any place that serves a decent chicken wing.
Favorite Sports Team:    College:  OSU Buckeyes    Professional:  Cleveland Browns
The best thing about Northwestern is...Great Students
Few people know that I...play the guitar
My greatest phobia is...Walmart self check-outs
My favorite Quote/Phrase/Scripture...Character matters; Leadership Descends from character.
My greatest accomplishment is...my family
Words of Wisdom...Don't eat yellow snow. 

Trish Moore - Paraprofessional

Trish Moore - Paraprofessional
Family:  Husband: Mackenzie, Parents: Rick and Betsy, siblings: Jessica and Michelle
Pets:  2 dachshunds, Spud and Junior(SJ)
High School Graduated from:  clarence High School
College Graduated from:  Ashland University
Hobbies:  crafting, calligraphy, gardening, anything outside, cooking and baking
Recently Read Books:  The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
Favorite Movie:  Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite Restaurant:  The Macaroni Grill
Favorite Sports Team:  College:  Michigan State Spartans  Professional:  Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres
Who inspired me to choose this career path:  my mom
Few people know that:  I grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York
My greatest hero:  My Grandpa 
My greatest phobia:  SPIDERS!
My favorite Quote/Phrase/Scripture is:  "No matter where you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine" Anthony J. D'Angelo
My greatest accomplishment is:  Continuing my education 

Joanna Snow - Paraprofessional

Joanna Snow - Paraprofessional
Family:  Mother: Leah  Siblings:  5 brothers and 6 sisters and Richard Herrmann
Pets:  2 dogs Leonard and Emma
High School Graduated from:  Faithway Christian School, Indianapolis, IN
College Graduated from:  Hyles-Anderson College, Crown Point, IN
Hobbies:  camping, scrapbooking, craft shows
Recently Read Books:  Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl
Favorite Movie:  It's A Wonderful Life
Favorite Restaurant:  Heavenly Delight, West Salem
Favorite Sports Team:  College:  IUPUI(Indiana/Purdue Universities  Professional:  Indiana Colts, pacer and Chicago White Sox, Cubs and Blackhawks
Who inspired me to choose this career path:  My brother Abe and my mother.  My brother had a traumatic birth causing permanent brain damage.  He remains 100% dependent on caregivers.  He still lives with my mother who continues to care for and meet most of his needs.  However, now at 79 years of age, she relies on family to help her twice a day with some of his needs.  Growing up with and caring for Abe has taught me many invaluable lessons, one being essential to know and understand a person's personality and character especially a person with a developmental disability.  My mother is an exemplary role model in how to respectfully and compassionately care for and meet needs of those that God ad placed in my path.
Few people know that:  I enjoy shows like antiques, classic cars, steam power and engines
My greatest hero:  Corrie ten Boom
My greatest phobia:  heights
My favorite Quote/Phrase/Scripture is:  "Be nice to everyone because everyone is having a tough time" Pastor jack Hyles.  **John 3:16 For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
My greatest accomplishment is:  investing in others 

Carisa Taylor, PhD - Psychologist

Carisa Taylor, PhD - Psychologist
Family:  Ellie, Evan, and Kendall
 Pets:  Harper(3 year old Doberman)
High School Graduated from:  Lamar High School, Arlington, TX
College Graduated from:  Texas Christian University; The Ohio State Univerity
Hobbies:  sewing, gardening, and writing
Recently Read Books:  The Long Flight Home
Favorite Movie:  Elf
Favorite Restaurant:  City Square Steakhouse
Favorite Sports Team:  College:  OSU Buckeyes  Professional:  None, but I watch NASCAR and the Browns as required by others in my househould.
The best thing about Northwestern is...the people
Who inspired me to choose this career path:  my daughter
Few people know that I...listen to Eminem
My greatest hero is...my grandmother
My greatest phobia is...dying alone, abandoned and racked with physical and emotional pain.  Maybe we should go with a mild to moderate phobia?  I hate snakes, spiders, and mosquitoes.
My greatest accomplishment is... earning a doctorate
Words of Wisdom...How people treat you has more to do with them than it does with you.  Don't take things personally.
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